News: 2017 Policy Address - Innovation and Technology
19 Jan 2017


The 2017 Policy Address was announced on 18 January 2017. Here are the abstracts on the area of innovation and technology.


(a) Promoting Research and Development (R&D)
▪ Promoting applied R&D, and supporting commercialisation of R&D outcomes and R&D in the private sector through financial support under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) as well as the R&D Centres, and encouraging universities funded by the University Grants Committee to conduct more midstream and translational research in focused technology areas through the newly established Midstream Research Programme for Universities under the ITF. (ITB)
▪ Continuing to promote collaboration with scientific research institutions in other places, including supporting 16 Partner State Key Laboratories and six Hong Kong branches of the Chinese National Engineering Research Centres to conduct R&D activities in a diverse range of disciplines. (ITB)


(b) Developing High Value-added and Technology Industries
▪ Working closely with the HKSTPC on the Science Park expansion project, and developing an Advanced Manufacturing Centre and a Data Technology Hub in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate to promote “re-industrialisation”. (ITB)
▪ Preparing for a feasibility study with HKSTPC on the location and planning for the long-term development of Science Park and Industrial Estates near Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai boundary control point. (ITB)


(c) Promoting Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
▪ Facilitating the development of the local ICT industry by:

- enhancing collaboration and exchanges with the Mainland to explore business opportunities;

- organising ICT awards to recognise and promote Hong Kong’s ICT achievements; and

- continuing to implement the Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools. (ITB)

▪ Organising the second Internet Economy Summit and the International IT Fest 2017 to showcase Hong Kong’s developments and accomplishments as a regional ICT hub. (ITB)
▪ Promoting the incentive measures to encourage the conversion of industrial buildings and the development of high-tier data centre in industrial lots for data centre use, and continuing to provide support for interested enterprises to set up data centres in Hong Kong, with a view to promoting the development of the data centre sector. (ITB)
▪ Continuing to foster wider development and use of cloud computing service in Hong Kong through promoting the adoption of information security management system standards and good practices on the provision and use of cloud services, and encouraging better utilisation of innovative technology such as the Internet of Things and big data analytics in the Government and in the industries. (ITB) 
▪ Continuing to raise public awareness of the importance of information security, including the proper use of ICT facilities, measures to prevent cyber crime and ways to protect ICT resources and information assets. (ITB)


(d) Digital Development and Smart City
▪ Continuing to develop public Wi-Fi services by progressively expanding the coverage of free Wi-Fi services to 34 000 hotspots through public-private sectors collaboration. The security of Wi-Fi services will be further enhanced. (ITB)
▪ Preparing to provide subsidies for non-profit-making organisations in offering free Wi-Fi at youth services centres and study rooms run by these organisations. (ITB)
▪ Conducting a consultancy study to facilitate the formulation of a long-term Smart City Development Blueprint for Hong Kong, and in the light of the study findings, consulting stakeholders on various pilot schemes and drawing up implementation proposals; and encouraging government departments to enhance public service through big data analytics and applications. (ITB)


(e) Supporting Technology Start-ups
▪ Launching the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund in 2017 to encourage venture capital funds to invest in local innovation and technology start-ups. (ITB) ▪ Following up Cyberport’s planned consolidation of its incubation programme, the Cyberport Macro Fund, and Smart-Space small offices and workstation facilities for nurturing ICT start-ups. (ITB)
▪ Providing funding through the extended Public Sector Trial Scheme and Internship Programme for start-ups in the Science Park and Cyberport to conduct trials on their R&D outcomes in the public sector and to engage local university graduates as interns, with a view to further strengthening the local start-up ecosystem. (ITB)


(f) Innovation and Technology and Living
▪ Launching the Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living in 2017 to subsidise innovation and technology projects which will bring more convenient, more comfortable and safer living to the public or will address the needs of specific community groups. (ITB)
▪ Providing funding under the newly established Technology Voucher Programme for small and medium enterprises to use technological services and solutions to improve productivity or facilitate upgrading and transformation. (ITB)


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