Hong Kong Export Outlook for 2018: Continued World Recovery Supports a Favourable Environment for Exports
3 Jan 2018
News Hong Kong Export Outlook for 2018
Electronics exports increased by 9.9% in the first 10 months of 2017, on top of a 2.5% increase in 2016. They constitute about 66% of Hong Kong’s total exports.
IoT Discovery- Visit to Midea & Real-Design Intelligence
31 Aug 2017
International IoT Seminar - Building Next Generation IoT & Wireless Devices and Solutions
27 Jul 2017
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This Semianr covers the topics of Creativity and Design on IoT Products, IoT Solutions in Property and Casuslty Insurance Sector, Antenna Synthesis for IoT and Wireless Applications, and Advanced IoT & Wireless System technologies.
Internet of Things & Wireless Symposium- Exploring the Power of IoT
26 May 2017
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This Symposium covers the topics of smart wearables & wireless healthcare, smart city, advanced wireless communication, smart home & smart appliances, and showcases of IoT technologies and devices.
International IoT Seminar - Standards, Requirements and Regulations for IoT and Wireless
24 Feb 2017
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This seminar aims at providing in-depth knowledge on the standards, requirements and regulations for IoT and wireless products. Experts and professionals from the United States, Germany, China and Hong Kong are invited to be the guest speakers.
News: 2017 Policy Address - Innovation and Technology
19 Jan 2017
News 2017 Policy Address
The 2017 Policy Address was announced on 18 January 2017. Here are the abstracts on the area of innovation and technology.
News: 2017 IoT Predictions: More Innovation, More Large-Scale Security Breaches
17 Nov 2016
News 2017 IoT Predictions
Research and advisory firm Forrester released its "Predictions 2017: Security and Skills Will Temper Growth of IoT" report. IoT holds the promise to enhance customer relationships and help drive business growth, however, it brings multifaceted complexity, the report said.
IoT Discovery – Visit to Huawei & DJI
9 Sep 2016
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This visit allows participants to learn on developing and manufacturing quality IoT and wireless products from the renowned industry players.